Monday, June 25, 2012

RW Run Streak Week 5 - the plan

Going against the grain here and posting about my running week before it happens, instead of my normal recap post (I'll do one of those too, when the time comes).  But I have a plan and a goal for this week, and I tend to be better able to stick to a plan and meet a goal when I publicize it and have somebody, or something, to hold me accountable.

So this is going to be the week of the long, slow distance.  I will attempt to run at least 4 miles every day (but staying flexible, 'cuz I've learned that some days, all these legs have got in them is a mile).  None of the short fast miles.  Even though they are incredibly fun, and it feels so good to see those 9 minute mile paces, and that ever elusive 8 minute when it shows up - oh the glory and the joy... Nope, this is not the week for those.  This is the week for the long hard slogs for the miles, seeing those dreaded high 10s and 11s for pace.  It's not the pace that counts this week.  It's the MILES.  Who cares if I see an 11 in the pace field, when I've got a 5, a 6, or maybe even an 8 or 10 in distance field? 

Here's to the long slow runs!  I'm off to a good start on the week, with a good solid 6 miles earlier this evening!  Bring on the rest of the week!!

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