Friday, June 22, 2012

Indulging a crazy impulse

Not the best pic, but that's a purple streak! In my hair!
Ok, so maybe after 2 tries over 2 weeks, I can't really call it an impulse...  But I made the totally wacky decision that I wanted a purple streak in my hair (well, I started out wanting blue and green, but read that those colors fade to something really ugly so I decided to go with purple).  I wanted the streak on underside, where it won't show all that much, unless I pull it up or braid it (gotta keep it mostly professional - I do have to go to work, and while my boss is all for individual expression, an obvious obnoxious purple streak might be a bit much).

So, last weekend I tried the old dye it with Kool-Aid method.  Aside from leaving my hair with a slightly grape-y smell and only a very very faint purple tinge (that I think may have been imagining), it was a failure. 

The Kool-Aid failure led me to do a bit more colorful research (via google images and pinterest) and I decided that Manic Panic Purple Haze was what I needed.  Ordered it Sunday, it came in the mail yesterday, and tonight was dye-time.  You can sort of see the results in the pic above.  In certain lights, it looks bright; others a bit dark and hardly noticable. 

Sublty wacky.  Just like me.  :-)

underside is purple. very subtle


Pic is kind of dark

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  1. How long did the purple last? Did you the whole underside of your hair or just sections?