Saturday, September 28, 2013

Addendum to Color Vibe Race Report

More Pictures!!! 

Being rebellious - Touching the "Do Not Touch" sign
I'm out of control...

Covered with color

Race Report - Color Vibe 5k

Way back in April, one of the girls in my office had the idea of a group of us doing this race together. So we gathered a group of about 20 of us and for 5 months, while we waited for race day to finally arrive, we plotted and planned how Team Commercial could make a big colorful splash at the race:

Team t-shirts in Commercial Insurance orange logo- check
Orange sparkle skirts from Sparkle Athletic - check
Colorful sunglasses, socks, bandanas, and other accents - check

We were ready to go!

A group of us met at the office and walked over to Magic Island to join the thousands - Yes thousands; it was insane the number of people (reminded me of the Princess Half with all the tutus and costumes in the corral) - of runners, walkers, and color lovers.

I could have run this race and been by myself (alone in the sea of thousands) the whole way, but what fun is a group event if you leave the group behind? So I walked with most everyone else (the guys decided they would run); even though we tried to stay together, we did end up getting split up. Two or three of us here, three or four of us there, we ended up spread out pretty equally along the route.

But the need to run overtook me at about 2.5 miles in and I ran the rest of the way, crossed the finish line, and headed back along the course to find the group and finish again (not really, but almost).


So why was this race called the Color Vibe?  Because they shower you with purple, pink, yellow, green, and blue colored powder at color stations along the course and while waiting for the start and after you finish and walking back to your car (even if you have to run to beat the street sweepers to get a little extra green).

It was a really fun way to spend a morning, and if a color race comes to your town, do it.  It's awesome.

The Color Dance Party
Race Stats
(Officially, this was an untimed race, but being me, I had to wear the Garmin anyway, so here are the details, for the record, if you care.)

Color Vibe 5k, September 28, 2013
Distance: 3.04 miles
Finish Time: 54:29 (17:57 mpm)

Part of the team (That's me w/ the scarf & orange sunglasses)


Part of Team Commercial