Sunday, July 1, 2012

RW Run Streak Week 5 Recap

And week 5 of the streak is done and in the books, so to speak.  And what a week it was!  On Monday, I declared that it was going to be Long Slow Distance Week, and I wasn't going to run less than 4 miles on any given day. I almost succeeded with that, but not quite - Wednesday I wasn't feeling well and I only managed to get 2 miles; Friday was the day of the "storm of the century" (only a slight exaggeration there) and I had to run inside with the wii for a makeshift 3 miles. 

But despite record high temperatures (100+ degrees multiple days) and the storm and its aftermath, I still managed to get my miles in and keep the streak alive.  It wasn't always pretty, and I didn't always feel good, but I completed the week and ended up with my highest mileage in a long time. :-)

Day 29 - Mon. 6/25: 6.01 miles, avg. pace - 11:11mpm
Day 30 - Tues. 6/26: 7.01 miles, avg. pace - 10:56mpm
Day 31 - Wed. 6/27: 2.01 miles, avg. pace - 10:34mpm
Day 32 - Thurs. 6/28: 4.72 miles, avg. pace - 12:31mpm
Day 33 - Fri. 6/29: @3 miles, avg pace - 10:00mpm (wii fit plus 30 minute free run) @6,496 steps
Day 34 - Sat. 6/30: 4.06 miles, avg. pace - 12:36mpm
Day 35 - Sun. 7/1: 3.99 miles, avg. pace - 11:57mpm

Total Miles Week 5: 30.81 miles
Total Miles RW Run Streak: 112.22 miles

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