Sunday, June 24, 2012

RW Run Streak Week 4 recap

Holy Cow! It's been 4 weeks!  To be perfectly honest, I'm kind of surprised that I've been able to keep the streak going for this long.  I was sure that some how life, or an injury, or something would get in the way, and I'd have to bail.  And while we're playing the honesty game, I have to admit that there were a few days, especially this week, where I didn't really want to run at all, let alone a whole mile or more.  But I sucked it up and tied my shoes, stepped out the door, and hit the road anyway.  And (more honesty here) while sometimes after those "I don't really want to do this" runs, I felt better, sometimes I didn't.  So there it is, another week down; it wasn't best week, but it's done.  On to week 5!!

Day 22 - Mon. 6/18: 2.01 miles, avg. pace - 10:19mpm
Day 23 - Tues. 6/19: 5.25 miles, avg. pace - 11:08mpm
Day 24 - Wed. 6/20: 4.01 miles, avg. pace - 10:24mpm
Day 25 - Thurs. 6/21: 1.01 mile, avg. pace - 10:06mpm
Day 26 - Fri. 6/22: 2.25 miles, avg. pace - 10:20mpm
Day 27 - Sat. 6/23: 1.15 mile, avg. pace - 9:50mpm
Day 28 - Sun. 6/24: 4.01 miles (trail run), avg. pace - 15:23mpm

Total Miles Week 4: 19.68 miles
Total Miles RWRunStreak: 82.82 miles

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