Sunday, June 10, 2012

RW Run Streak - Week 2 recap

I've learned a couple of things this week:
  1. Strangely, running every day has made me feel stronger, rather than tired.I really thought I would miss having rest days where I didn't run. But a slower easy mile seems to be more beneficial than a total rest day.  (will this change as the streak gets longer? maybe - stay tuned and we'll find out together ;-) )  See item 2.
  2. It's easier than I thought it would be sneak in a mile on a busy day.It only takes 10 minutes and provides a nice break to make the other tasks of the day feel easier to accomplish. Yeah, there have been a couple of days where I've felt pressured to get the run done and thought it would be easier to skip.  But I go anyway and once it's done, I feel great and as I said, the other stuff I have to do feels easier.  And it often improves my mood as well.
The week's runs:
Day 8 - Mon. 6/4:  1.14 mile, avg. pace - 10:00mpm
Day 9 - Tues. 6/5:  4.08 miles, avg. pace - 10:03mpm
Day 10 - Wed. 6/6:  3.11 miles, avg. pace - 9:37mpm
Day 11 - Thurs. 6/7: 1.05 mile, avg. pace - 10:02mpm
Day 12 - Fri. 6/8:  1.03 mile, avg. pace - 9:30mpm
Day 13 - Sat. 6/9:  2.08 miles, avg. pace - 10:16mpm
Day 14 - Sun. 6/10:  10.02 miles (trail), avg. pace - 14:12mpm
Total Miles Week 2:  22.7 miles
Total Miles RWRunStreak:  42.49 miles

Before today's trail run

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