Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Facts

1. I like to put things away in places where I'll be sure to find them again. But then when I go to get them, I can't remember where it is I put them.

2. At some point, I'm going to paint my living room and dining room. I'm making good progress. I picked out the paint colors - 2 years ago.

3. I have taken more steps in the last 2 hours than I did in the 8 hours I was at work today. Obviously I sit at a desk. I sit alot....

4. I am a big fan of Snoopy. There is at least one Snoopy (stuffed, picture, figurine, etc) in almost every room of my house. In fact, from where I am sitting right now, I can see 4. At Christmas time, it's even worse (better?) He's everywhere!!

5. My husband is a collector of Hot Wheels cars. Not to be outdone by the Snoopy's, there is also probably at least one Hot Wheels car in just about every room. Tiny cars are cool. I have my own collection of Mopar muscle cars in a case in my bedroom.

6. Want some good sunglasses? Oakley Half Jackets. Best ever. Kinda pricey, but so worth it.

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