Wednesday, July 4, 2012

RW Run Streak week 5 1/2 Recap

Well, I did it - I finished the Runner's World Summer Run Streak.  I ran at least a mile a day for 38 straight days.  At times it was fun; at times it totally sucked; but I did it. 

Here's my mileage for week 5 1/2:
Day 36 - Mon. 7/2: 1.13 mile, avg. pace - 10:38mpm
Day 37 - Tues. 7/3: 1.11 mile, avg. pace - 8:55mpm
Day 38 - Wed. 7/4: 1.01 mile, avg. pace - 10:17mpm
Total Miles Week 5 1/2: 3.25 miles

Now to answer the burning questions:

1. Why did you do it?
To prove to myself that I could.  To have motivation to get out and run when it's hot and miserable.

2. Are you going to keep a streak going?
Nope. I thought about it, but have decided against it. My body is definitely letting me know that it's tired and needs a rest day or two.

3. What did I learn?
I learned that though they are few and far between, I do have some fast miles me in.  I learned that my goal of a 27 minute 5k is not just a dream; with some work, I will be able to get there. I learned that there is truth in the statement: "you are so much stronger than you think you are."

4. Was it worth it?
Absolutely. It's made me a more persistent runner, a more dedicated runner, a stronger runner.
RW Run Streak Statistics:
Week 1: 19.79 miles
Week 2: 22.7 miles
Week 3: 20.64 miles
Week 4: 19.68 miles
Week 5: 30.81 miles
Week 5 1/2: 3.25 miles

Total Miles: 115.47

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