Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Had a YAWP worthy moment this evening.  I ran my first whole mile in the 8's.  8 minutes and 48 seconds, to be exact.

3 years ago when I started running, I never thought I would get fast; never thought I would progress.  But here I sit, 3 days after my second half-marathon, having just finished a run where I ran the second mile at what I once thought was an impossible, unattainable pace.

But, with persistence, hard work, sweat, and even some tears, I've made it to this point; a point I never thought I'd reach.  So, to those of you out there who think things are impossible, who think you will never progress or will never reach a certain goal, keep trying.  You will get there.  The path may be long, twisted, hard, painful, and scary, but keep at it, keep striving, keep dreaming.  You'll get there.

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