Monday, May 28, 2012

Going streaking

No, not that kind of streaking...  The fitness kind.

Streak #1 - An Ab Workout a Day
Having spent quite a bit of time in the sun in my backyard this Memorial Day weekend in either my bikini top or a sports bra & shorts (adequately slathered repeatedly with sunscreen) I decided that if these abs of mine are going to be seen in public in said bikini top or sports bra (as they will be when we head for the beach later this year), some major work needs to be done.

So I started my Beach Countdown Ab Workout - Every day from now (well, this past Friday) until Beach Time I will be doing some kind of core, ab, and/or arm exercise - Crunches, pushups, planks, weights, etc.  I'm four days in and definitely feeling the burn - A nice not entirely unpleasant soreness in the midsection and my shoulders today makes me feel that something's working!  So hopefully by Beach Time, I'll be sporting some nicely (hopefully) fairly well toned muscles when I give Stand-Up Paddleboarding a try!

Streak #2 - A Mile a Day
I was lurking around on the Daily Mile, seeing what all my virtual running pals have been up to running-wise this weekend, and noticed that one of them posted about the Runner's World Summer Running Streak.  I have no races planned for the immediate future, and when I'm not attempting to train for something, I am far more likely to skip a run than to go for a run.  This challenge, to run at least a mile a day, every day, between Memorial Day and Independence Day, seemed like the perfect catalyst I need to keep getting out the door and hitting the pavement.

When I've got someone or something to hold me accountable, even if it just just a hashtag on twitter, I'm far more motivated and more likely to keep up with something than if it's just me keeping track, especially when it's ridiculous hot, humid, raining, foggy, i'm tired, *insert excuse here*.   So I'm giving this #RWRunStreak a try.  Day 1 is done (3.66 hot sweaty miles), but I'm not sure I can really call it a streak yet.  But I'm feeling excited about it.  Bring on Day 2.

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