Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Not Quitting - Just Extending My Timeline

To anyone who may think that my decision to not run the CDR was based on one bad run or me wimping out when the going got tough:

So not true.

The decision was based on pain, struggling with endurance, and reality checks.

I didn't really have a bad run on Sunday. Sunday's 7 miles was not even supposed to be a training run. It was just a Sunday afternoon out in the sunshine with Marc. I went out with no focus on pace or distance or anything related to training whatsoever; running when I felt like it, walking when I felt like it. But even the easy, relaxed pace was a struggle, and it shouldn't have been. My body needs more rest than I've been giving it. More time to adjust to increased mileage. More time to develop the endurance and strength it needs.

I enjoy the challenge of pushing through the hard, long runs. I just need more time and more long runs than I can feasibly accomplish in just 7 weeks. The challenge of pushing myself through the hard, long runs needed to be prepared for the race in that short amount of time just isn't going to be possible. It's not worth it to injure myself to get ready for one race. As I said the other day, I'd much rather not run the race because I wasn't ready than not run the race because I was stupid and ran myself to an injury training for it.

I'm not one to give up just because things get hard. Once I've put my mind to something, I pretty much accomplish it. I'm pretty tenacious and stubborn like that. I may take some detours and go about it in some weird way, but I get there and I get it done.

So make no mistake: I'm not quitting; I'm just extending my timeline.

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