Friday, December 27, 2013

Goals for a new year - Planning for 2014

I set a goal to read 60 books in 2013.  I started reading 63, completing 60 of them.  (I just started #64, and I'm pretty sure I'll finish before the end of the year, probably before the end of this weekend, so I'll finish 61.)  If you're curious, you can see the list of what I read here: 2013 books

My 2014 reading goals are:
  1. Read 65 books
  2. Finish reading Les Miserables
  3. Finish reading East of Eden
I don't remember setting any definite running goals for 2013.  If I did, I didn't write them down anywhere or make any kind of record of what they were. So, in the course of the year, any that may have been thought about got lost in the shuffle of life over the year.  And that was bad.  Well, not exactly bad, but not good either. 

Everything just kind of floundered.  I ran, but not that much. Certainly not any more than the bare minimum needed to get to the finish line of my races.  I didn't push any limits; I gave in to excuses. Which led to a yearly mileage of just under 700 miles, dropping out of 2 races I registered for, getting slower instead of faster as the year went on, and zero new PR's for any of my races.

Sooo... That's all going to change in 2014.   I am hereby declaring 2014 to be the year of the PR.

My running goals for 2014 are:
  1. Run at least 1000 miles over the year.
  2. Get a PR in the 5k (under 29 minutes by or at the Winter Series 5k in December)
  3. Get a PR in the half marathon (under 2:25 by or at the Marshall Half in November)
  4. Get a PR at the Dirty Dog 15k (under 2:25, in May)

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