Sunday, March 24, 2013

Race "Report' - Joker Run

Today was a first in my racing "career". 

A couple of weeks ago, riding on the racing high that resulted from the Princess Half Marathon, I registered myself for a bunch of races - the Cleveland Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in October, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in May, and the Joker Run (4 mile) in March.

March 24, to be exact.  Today.  Right now, as I type this; well, 10 minutes from now.  But instead of standing nervously at the start line waiting for the crack of the gun, I'm sitting at my dining room table.  Yes, today I have my very first DNS (did not start).  I'm sitting this one out because I'm not prepared. That's my excuse anyway.  That and the weather.   The thought of running a race I'm not prepared for, in the cold rain, just was not appealing in the least.  If it weren't raining, would I be there?  Good question.

Whatever the answer would be, I can tell you one thing.  On the running front March has been a gigantic, huge, complete and utter fail.  Due various excuses, some legitimate, most not so legitimate, I have run a whopping 3.5 miles.  So sad.  So ridiculous.  So unnecessary. So downright lazy (at least for the days I skipped due to those not so legitimate excuses).

But the time for beating myself up about it is over.  It's time to get back at it.  It's time to renew my commitment to fitness and to running.

I've already made a start - I started the Insanity program.  And insanely, I'm actually liking it. (I have discovered that exercise videos and DVDs tend to bore me and get on my nerves. But not this one. At least not yet.) 

I'm almost done with Week 1 and though the workouts are hard, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when they're done (a feeling that was lacking with other video workouts).  In just a few days, I can already see a difference in my flexibility when doing the stretches.  My muscles are sore and feeling stronger.  

I'm hoping that Insanity will increase my overall strength and endurance and make me a stronger runner.  I'm going to have to modify the 60 days it's supposed to take to finish the program, because if the last few days of just Insanity are any indication, I'm not going to be able to do it and run on the same day.  So I'll be alternating days, running one, Insanity the next.

I have big goals for this year (some time soon, I'll tell you what they are) and if I'm going to accomplish them, I need to work.  And work hard.  No more excuses.  Just commitment.  Commitment to a better, stronger me.

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