Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Thoughts for a Saturday...

1. For someone with a sore knee, I sure have put in a lot of miles (almost 31) this week....

It might just make people think that I'm making it up. Nope. The knee hurts. In fact, it's sore right now... (I really must learn to not sit crossed-leg (or "indian-style", if you want to be politically incorrect about it) on the couch after a run.) I have just chosen to not let it stop me.

2. I had a choice about what to do with my day tomorrow. I could drive about 2 hours and pay money to run a not so fun 5k. (last year it was my first race; I came in last; I got beat by a walker.... sad sad sad. But hey, it was my first race, and I finished it, so it wasn't all bad. Just mostly...)


I could drive 2o minutes to go to the WV Book Festival to see my favorite author for free. Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series, which I have read at least 5 times (or maybe 6, or maybe 7... honestly, I've lost count I've read it so many times) will be at the festival. Her books defy descriptions. They're romances because there's an awesome love story. They're Sci-Fi because there's time travel. They're historical, because well, they take place in the past; and they're some of the most descriptive, well written, educational historical fiction I've ever read. I know they sound strange, but trust me... It works. Reading these stories, you can almost believe that it could happen. And the characters - they're so well written that they're real. In short (which the books are anything but...) they're awesome. Highly recommended. Get thee to a bookstore and buy them!!

So, it really doesn't need to be said which option I chose. Once in a lifetime opportunity and all that. The only decision left is do I just take one book for her to sign, or do I cart all of them down there??

3. Another debate raging in my world right now relates to Random Thought #1... (the sore knee). There's an awesome trail run next Saturday. Last year it was my second race. I came in 4th. (ok, that statement requires a bit of a disclaimer... There was a walk, in addition to 2 runs. I walked the walk).
Before I hurt my knee, I was thinking about doing the 13 mile run. A long way (longer than I've gone before) but I know I could do it. I'd be slow, but I could do it. Then the pain started and I thought I was out for good. Spent a week riding the bike and walking and got stronger and can now run without too much pain. Some soreness, but nothing major. I've got a knee brace/support that really helps. I've now done two 5 mile trail runs with the brace, and I've felt pretty good after both. So now there's the debate... do I walk the 4.5 mile walk, run the 7 mile run, or go for the big one and run the 13 miler? Lookin' like that's a game day (errrr, race day) decision.

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