Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday Facts (on Saturday)

1. When I'm on vacation, I tend to lose track of time (which is why you're getting Friday's Facts on a Saturday). At least I think it's Saturday....

2. I have now been chased away from the beach by a Hurricane 3 times. In 1996 by Bertha, in 2008 by Hanna, and in 2010 by Earl. Boo hiss to hurricanes. Not only because they screw up vacations, but because they can cause devasting losses to life and property.

3. Why is it that I can drive for hours and not get too tired, but if I'm the passenger, I'm asleep after 45 minutes?

4. The East Coast Surfing Championships were going on when we got to Virginia Beach. We didn't catch any of the surfing, but the skateboard and bmx demo at the vert ramp was awesome:

5. I like to read. I like to read on the beach. Marc took this pic of me from our hotel room balcony. I'm in my own little world:

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